Again, guys, this is only available for the first five people who sign up and actually use the coupon code. Only one use per coupon per person. No cheating. Cheaters are losers and have no place in fishing. After the first five floats are sent out, I'm shutting it down! Get yours before losing out.

Good times, tight lines
From there I started offering these for sale. Some people buy a dozen or two at a time. Some just want to try them and on buy two or three. That's why I put together this offer for those of you who have wanted to try them, but weren't sure. With the coupon code, I'll buy it for you, so you can prove to your self if they're worth it!
After that I found a great deal on used wine corks via eBay, that same with birch dowels. I remember that first successful trip with these floats. I had never had that much success in catfish angling before, and it felt a lot like bream fishing to me only, using heavier equipment.
These are the first Channel Catfish Floats produces here at Black Warrior Lures. They came about in a funny way. Having a hard time in life, faced with a difficult decision, I said, "Forget get it, I'm going fishing, but first I need to make some floats."
The Story:
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That's right! For the first five people who sign up and use the coupon code on my Web site's shopping cart/checkout page, I will buy a float for you, ship it to you, so that you can judge for yourself to see how well these floats work.

Just sign up in the box over there, and I will send you the link to the coupon code via e-mail.

NOTE: Only one coupon use per person, and this is only open to the first five people who use the code. After that I'm shutting it down.
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